fall 08 trip


27: Flight back to JFK Airport. End of trip

22-26: Miami. Annual conference of the Social Science History Association

19-21: Miami Beach. Ocean gazing, visiting a famous filming location, preparing for conference

18: Fort Lauderdale. Downtown

7-17: Austin. Visiting friends

6: College Station. Visiting friends/colleagues

5: Austin. Visiting friends

4: Dallas. Visiting the JFK assassination spot

3: Kansas City [Missouri]. Meeting colleagues

1-2: Iowa City [Iowa]. Meeting a colleague/friend


30: Champaign. Meeting a colleague/friend

29: Champaign [Illinois]. Presenting my work at a seminar at the University of Illinois

28: Columbus [Ohio]. Visiting a friend

25-27: Rochester area. Visiting a friend, including a tour of the Bergen Swamp and Batavia Downs horse track

24: Philadelphia. Meeting a colleague

23: New York. Meeting a colleague

21-22: New York. Visiting a friend

19-20: Hartford [Connecticut]. Archives

15-18: Boston. Visiting archives and a friend

12-14: New Haven. Annual conference of the Economic History Association

11: Driving from JFK Airport to New Haven [Connecticut]