Exodus 1947
The Exodus 1947 was one of many ships which sailed from Europe to the British Mandate of Palestine after World War II. The ships were crowded with Holocaust refugees but were not allowed entry because of Arab pressure on the British.

The Exodus saga was a public relations fiasco of unprecedented proportions for the British. They took over the ship illegally in international water in July 1947 and sent the refugees back to France, from where the ship had sailed. For almost a month the refugees refused to disembark and rejected offers of French citizenship. They would only leave to the Land of Israel. The British forced the refugees to disembark in the British occupation zone in Germany - of all places - thereby adding insult to injury.

While the british won the battle they lost the war. A United Nations committee and the international media saw the events and before the year was over the UN decided to end the British Mandate and split the land between a Jewish state and an Arab state. In May 1948 Israel was founded. One book on the Exodus has an appropriate subtitle: "The Ship that Launched a Nation."